CustoMax believes that mass customization is a profitable strategic concept for fashion retail. A concept that has proven itself in the past decade and will rapidly conquer the world of fashion in the next decade.

When executed in a proper way, there exists a very large market for mass customized fashion products. Why?

Because the advantages for customers are clear - for the price of a mass-produced off-the-rack product each individual customer gets a product made-to-order that is better and personalized.

Even more so, when executed in a proper way, selling mass customized fashion products is a fun concept for retailers. Why? Because no money and time is lost on too much stock and discount sales and the retailer can focus on the very essence of his profession; fashion consulting.

And last but not least, when executed properly, it is an attractive concept for manufacturers, because it opens a new large profitable market for them in which there is an absence of inefficiencies and redundancies.

But what is execution in a proper way? To answer this question is what the CustoMax Solution® is all about - a full service concept specialized in mass customized fashion - from consulting and training retailers and manufacturers, to promoting the concept to the customers, to taking measurements, to creating and tracking orders, to the production and delivery of orders, to stimulating repeat orders.

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